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About WiCS

The University of Pennsylvania Women in Computer Science student organization aims to foster a community for women in tech at Penn - including Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computational Biology, Digital Media Design and Networked and Social Systems Engineering. Our purpose is to support and promote women in CS by encouraging discussion and raising awareness regarding issues surrounding Women in Computer Science.

WiCS is proud to announce that we have received the Amplification Award from the NCWIT Student Seed Fund (sponsored by! NCWIT has supported student groups for women in computing for several years. Since 2011, the NCWIT Student Seed Fund has invested over $83,250 in more than 110 student-run programs for women in computing at non-profit, U.S. (excluding U.S. territories) Academic Alliance member institutions nationwide. Programs have included technology-related learning and advancement opportunities, including programming workshops, peer mentoring and support, professional training, after-school programs, and more. We are excited to use this grant to foster increased programming within the WiCS community at Penn and develop several exciting initiatives this semester!


Here you can anonymously ask a question. A WiCS board member will take the question and post it to the Women in CIS@Penn Facebook group so that anyone can respond, kind of like a Piazza post.

Here is a link to our WiCS database. This contains information provided by other members in WiCS: where we've interned, what classes we love, which professors you have to take before you graduate, how-to guides, and more. To gain access, request using your email.

Penn Course Review gives ratings of courses and professors, and Penn Course Notify sends you an email when spots open up in a class that is closed. This is super helpful if you're dying to get in a class that is already full.

Upcoming WiCS Events:

Join us at some of our amazing events. The second Thursday of each month, we have a study break. We host career info sessions, tech talks, installments of our Distinguished Women in Tech speaker series, snax, and GBMs. We're happy for anyone to come, no matter your level of involvement to WiCS. If you're a woman and you're interested in CS, join us!

Get Involved with WiCS!

There are a lot of ways for you to get involved. The easiest is to come to our events. We love to see new faces, and that way we can talk in person about how you can be more involved with WiCS. If you have a specific way you'd like to get involved (like a project you want help with, or a study break idea you want to see executed) send an email to Penn WiCS.

We also have initiatives that are always looking for new members. There is Mentors@WiCS, FemmeHacks, and Passion Projects. Read more and reach out to get involved. We're excited to have you :).

WiCS Projects


The mentorship program matches every Freshman and Sophomore woman in Computer Science with an older woman who is also studying CS. The mentor helps the mentee with class selection, internship searches, moral support, academic advice, and generally becomes a much-needed, loving guide to achieving success as a woman in CS. Our mentors also hold "office hours" where any woman (not necessarily a declared CS major) can come in and chat over coffee and donuts, ask any questions they have, and make friends in the process. This program was started by Amelia Goodman in 2015. If you'd like to get involved with this project (as a mentor or a mentee), please email Abha Vedula and Lissa Villani, the coordinators of this program.


FemmeHacks is Philly's first all-women's collegiate hackathon. FemmeHacks aims to create a welcoming environment for all kinds of hackers--whether at a beginner level or very experienced--and have fun while doing it. FemmeHacks occurs in February of every year. For more information, please visit the FemmeHacks site. If you'd like to get involved with FemmeHacks (as an organizer or a participant), please email Andrea Baric, the coordinator of this program.

Passion Projects

WiCS Passion Projects allows women to explore their passion by offering financial and technical support. Participants may apply to be granted a stipend to pursue their project, and if accepted participants meet once a month to discuss deliverables, hurdles, and propose solutions. If you'd like to get involved with WiCS Passion Projects (as an organizer or a participant), please email Anvita Achar, the coordinator of this program.

WiCS Residential Program

The WiCS residential program is dedicated to promoting a supportive learning community for women interested in computer science. Women interested in computer science may apply to live in this residential program. Located in the Kings Court English College House at the University of Pennsylvania, we host various workshops, field trips, outreach programs, dinner discussions, and socials. Learn more about us from our past events here.
WICS Residential program is funded in part by the Trustees Council of Penn Women. If you'd like to learn more about the WiCS Residential Program, please email Penn WiCS, who will put you in touch with the coordinator of this program.

Meet the WiCS Board

Anvita Achar


Elizabeth Hamp


Hannah Stulberg


Andrea Baric


Jessica Kim


Stephanie Tang


Teresa Fan


Sally Kong


Amelia Goodman


Jasmine Lee